Our Approach

The Economy of Bangladesh is the economy that totally depends on rural labor based activity. The rural areas are the source of 90% supply of labors who are giving their heartiest efforts in different sector for the socio-economic development of the country. The total raw material of the industrial sector comes from the rural areas. Most of the components of economic activities of the country are produced in the rural areas, though the producers are always deprived as there is no effective program for the welfare of these producer or fruitful plan for the socio-economic development of the rural area. Even, these people could not exercise the fundamental and justifiable rights and privileges which are admitted by the constitution of Bangladesh. These deprived rural people are always cheated by the influencial brokers/middlemen in various ways as there are no protective measures from the state.

Abul Barkat Peace and Progress Foundation (ABPPF) is a humanistic, voluntary and social welfare organization and are guided by the philosophy that all human persons are morally and ethically equal. It works towards building a knowledge-based humane society where every citizen’s well-being might be ensured and respect to human dignity will become a norm. The mission of the Foundation is to transform human deprivation in to humane development through all means promoting peace and progress. As its valiant and truly dedicated workhand, we stand united to establish the fundamental rights, uphold the dignity of freedom fighters and the historical spirit of 1971 War of Libration, and purge socio- economic inequalities and injustice.

Any human issue, its proper diagnosis and solution is challenging. Especially, education, health and nutrition issues of millions of poverty-stricken people of Bangladesh- the vast number of destitute, deprived, under-privileged, helpless, exploited children, men and women in our society is definitely a cause of concern for all. We – who are privileged to care for them and their family, have a true personal stake in their well-being. This spirit is shared by all those associated with the Abul Barkat Peace and Progress Foundation. They are committed to give many hours of volunteer time to support Foundation programs, and work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of all.

None of this would be possible without people support. The hope stems from a deeper urge to improve the lives of those living with untold and unsung miseries, and constantly suffering in silence. We urge all to support us for establishing our aims and objectives to achieve and realize our mission and vision.